St. Nicholas Church

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Our Team

Revd. Paul Copley

I'm Paul Copley, I'm a Father of three children, although they're not really children now! I've been married to my wife, Linda, for nearly forty years.


I used to work as an aircraft engineer, working in the aerospace industry for over twenty years before I responded to God's call to the ordained ministry.


I became a Vicar because I had a passion to see people come into a living relationship with Jesus; to see peoples' lives transformed.


I was ordained at York Minster in 1999 and started working in St. Nicholas Church in 2007. We are working towards a transformation at St. Nicholas that does not start and end with bricks and mortar.


The church is not the building, it's the people inside it which make it into a real community. We are keen to build on that sense of community here which is open to everyone, of all ages and backgrounds.


There are hundreds of people who make up our Church and community, but there are also a few who perform special roles.

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Multiply Minister:

Rev'd Jenni Forman.